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The modern world distinctive feature is its being involved into a global change. International scientific community considers globalization in the broad sense of the word, as the intensive process of internationalization of socio-economic, political, legal, cultural relations of various countries worldwide. This process encompasses different-level integration of existing state-legal, economic and financial and socio-political institutions, ideas, principles, relations, moral and political, material, intellectual, cultural and other values.

Globalization is a consequence of the unprecedentedly increased technical and economic power of mankind, which brings people, countries and continents together. The relevance of the fact that scientists, politicians, economists and historians discuss characteristics of the Hanseatic League is determined by the current trends in the Baltic Sea region development.

The analysis of these trends is impossible if the best practices of collaboration between different nations of past ages are not referred to. The analysis of the Hanse’s traditions can provide with important methodological material to study the Baltic regionalization in the 21st century. The XXXIX International Hanseatic Days of the Modern Period will be held in the Pskov Region on June 27-30, 2019, which made possible to conduct international research and practical conference “Northern Europe, Pskov and the Hanseatic League in the past and present”.

Regionalization facilitates to form the process of states and nations convergence that is manifold and diverse by the nature of the participants and their interaction. The Hanseatic League cities, as international relations independent subjects, are becoming considerable political units. The Baltic Sea region is an example of the region with great potential for new forms of cross-border cooperation and multicultural collaboration between cities.

The purpose of the conference

• to create a communication site for Russian and foreign scientists, government officials, public associations;

• to exchange views and information on cultural, historical, social experience, of business decisions examples in various economic areas, with account of international experience;

• to evolve proposals to improve national and international legislation in the field of economic cooperation, foreign investments protection, to develop innovative technologies in the context of political and socio-economic relations modernization;

• to expand flagship universities role in the “power-education-business” triumvirate as regional development drivers by way of international and interregional cooperation mechanisms;

• to promote young people to be involved into international projects implementation and draw Russian and foreign business attention to the region’s development prospects;

• to help increase the role of student –age people in the society life, their participation in the activity aimed to solve current problems in the modern world;

• to confirm the status of Pskov as a history city, one of the oldest cities in Russia and Europe;

• to help expand and strengthen international relations and contacts between the cities of the “Hanseatic League of the Modern Period”


Conference working languages: RUSSIAN and ENGLISH